SoBeCa, Issue #63:
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Featured Artists:

As a kid, Chris Melgar was fascinated with the hidden extremities of suburbia in his seemingly idyllic hometown of Orange County, CA. Bizarre films, heavy metal, and the hardcore punk subculture influenced his creative works as a film student and later, as an artist. Chris received his B.A. in illustration from California State University Northridge in 2009 and currently lives in Los Angeles. He works primarily in mixed media, giving spontaneity to his materials to create dystopian parallel universes, symbolic dreamscapes, and portraits of extraordinary American characters.

More of Chris' work can be seen at
11"x14" Giclée Prints on Watercolor Paper of "John Waters" are available via arterygallery.thelab [at]

Some of Chris' work can currently be seen in "Haunted" at The ARTery Gallery @ The LAB, on view through Nov. 14th. Gallery hours and more info here:

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